About Me

About Me

Hello, everyone, my name is Gurpreet Singh and welcome to my website Androfarms.com Androfarms.com is the best place to enhance the knowledge about technology, health, and tech news.

 This website provides information regarding Technology, health, make money online, SEO, blogging and mobile phones reviews. I want to tell you that I hate to do jobs under a boss in an organization. so that is why I just started following my passion for blogging and YouTube. I want to be my own Boss.

About my blog

I started androfarms.com on 5 Jan 2019. The aim of my blog is to share knowledge about technology, health, blogging and giving apps reviews, I love to write articles and gathering knowledge. I am very passionate to share knowledge with others.

Motive Of My Blog-

The main motive of Andrew farms is to provide numerous information about Technology, jobs opportunities, blogging, SEO, tech news, health and money making strategies, if you are keen to know about the technology and blogging then you can subscribe to our newsletter. so that you can get each notification when whenever our team publishes a new article on our website.

If you have any questions or queries regarding digital marketing and technology then you can contact me on Instagram or by email address I will definitely reply to you soon as possible. Thanks For visiting Androfarms.com

E mail- androframs1@gmail.com