Must Have Android Application For Jio Members- Jio Group Talk 2019

Must-Have Android Application For Jio Members- Jio Group Talk 2019

Hey, Guys, My name is Gurpreet Singh In this article I will tell you the best must have android app for Jio members or Jio users. The name of the app is Jio Group Talk. This is the best android app for jio users to talk in the conference. I recommend you to download this android app from the google play store. This is very easy to use application for group Talk.

Must Have Android Application For Jio Members- Jio Group Talk 2019
Must Have Android Application For Jio Members- Jio Group Talk 2019

Hello everyone jio has recently launched an app that is exclusively available for all that your users and is the Jio group talk and today in this article I will tell you what this app is all about and why we think it's a must-have app for jio users in 2019.

Jio group Talk As its name tells this is an app designed for the group conversation.  it is a group talk app. it's best for good conversations and this app does a very complex task 
Of making a conference call in just a few simple steps. So I'm not sure if you guys have tried meeting a conference call using a by so the process is.

That you call the first person 
Put him on hold and then make a second call and due to the conference call need to merge with the calls.

Some Important Points -

  1. Jio Group Talk app works on a VoLTE phone with a Jio SIM.
  2. For dual SIM, please make sure that you enter your Jio SIM mobile number in the app for it to perform work.
  3. Simple Interface.
  4. You can Create and Manage group conference calls  up to 10 members.
  5. You can Select multiple contacts to add in a group at once.
  6. Very High-Quality Voice
  7. HD Calling support will enable high quality HD Conference calls ability.
  8. Real time Conference Set up.

So once you download the app you need to enter your name and your number and make sure to do this with the wifi off otherwise it will need to register or make conference calls as well. 
Once you do the registration then you have a simple screen but it shows a new conference call scheduled conference call feature which is coming very soon.

So let me TELL you how this app works by making a conference call so what we have to do is to go to the new conference call option and select the contacts from the list which you want included in a conference call. so you have to select a contact and click on the conference. then you will start the conference call with that contact. 
When you press the calling button the phone does the access code within start calling the contact you have selected.

In the article to see the current set as well they're going back to join the conference call there is also an option of moving any member to the conference call. 
There is also an option of making groups and it can create new grooves mentally added these in conference call number to a new group. You can add up to 10 members in a conference call. 

And now you have the short cut on the screen to make a conference call easily with the group members
I've used this app for a couple of days now and I find it works pretty good and I personally believe that it's a must have app for all that you users oral Jio group dug out is a wonderful app and if you did you, user, then definitely give it a try.

Download Jio Group Talk from Here
So, Guys, this is the best and must have android app for jio users. This app is really very helpful for us. You can download this app from google play store for free
. I hope you like this article. Thanks for visiting this page.  
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