Top 10 Most subscribed youtube channels Of 2019

Top 10 Most subscribed youtube channels Of 2019

Hey Guys How are you Today ? Guys  in this article i am  going to talk about the top 10 most subscribed youtubechannels. These days Youtube TOP Vloggers and content creators have large size audience  Stick with this article and know which is growing very fast and which channel have more subscribers on the platform of youtube.Most Subscribed Youtube Channels. Most Growing Youtube Channels. Top 10 Youtube Channels.

Top 10 Most subscribed youtube channels Of 2019
Top 10 Most subscribed youtube channels Of 2019

10 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels-

10. Ed Sheeran:

At the tenth Position most subscribed youtube channel is Ed Sheeran. His full name is Edward Christopher Sheeran. He is English singer,  guitarist actor ,songwriter , record producer. He is from England. He started his Youtube channel journey on 8 August 2006. Ed Sheeran is the 10th most subscribed youtube channel on the platform of youtube.  

Ed Sheeran surpassed The 10MILLION Milesone on 7 January 2017.  At That time This channel is barely in the 100 most viewed Yotube channels. Now this is 20th most youtube channel he completed his one milions subscribers on march  2013. 

Ed Sheeran most popular song is Shape Of You. This song viewed 3.5B times on youtube. His first album was released in September 2011. Ed Sheeran has sold more than 27 million albums and 100 million single tracks worldwide.

Channel Name -Ed Sheeran
Subscribers Count 36M (Right Now )
Total Videos -123 (Right Now )
Total Views - 15,997,593,891 (Right Now )

9. HolaSoyGerman:

In top 10 YouTube Channels 9 position is for HolaSoyGerman. His Nick Name is Gereman. German started his youtube channel journey on September 2011. HolaSoyGerman is the ninth most subscribed youtube channel. Garmendia Aranis is a comedian, writer,  entertainer blogger and host of the HolaSoyGerman YouTube channel. In the starting of 2014, all the videos on the HolaSoyGerman channel had amassed 1 billion total views and over 14 million subscribers.  cURRENTLY hIS channel has over 33 million Subscribers.

His actual name is German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis. On his channel, he uploads comedic videos about various life and fictional topics. He is also the First Youtuber who got 2 Diamond play buttons from Youtube. His another channel is Juega  German having 32 millions subscribers. He is from Chilean

Channel Name- HolaSoyGerman
Subscribers Count -37M(Right now)
Total Videos - 137
Total Views-3,781,914,128

8. Dude Perfect:

At the eighth position of most subscribed youtube list is DUDE PERFECT youtube channels . This is the 8th most subscribed youtube channel. Like Brave Wilderness, they too make and upload original content that isn't available at youtube because only a very few other channels can  compete with them. 

Dude Perfect is the 5th most subscribed youtube channel. Dude perfect is the youtube channel run by crew of friends Cory Cotton, Twins Coby, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. Dude perfect channel gain millions of views per video. The channel  is the most subscribed on YouTube in the "Sports" category. He started his channel on 16 March 2009. He also uploads comedy videos and sports videos. Dude Perfect is the 8th most subscribed YouTube channel.

Channel name - Dude Perfect
Subscribers Count- 38.8M(right Now)
Total Videos - 178(right Now)
Total Views -7,146,944,032 (right Now)

7. WWE- 

At the seventh position of most subscribed youtube channel is WWE. THE FULL NAME OF WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment. Worls Wide Entertainment Company is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company. This comapny deals with the professional wrestling. WWE was founded on 1952 as CWC (Capitol wrestling Corporation). As in 2018 this is the largestt wrestling related promotion in the world. The CEO of this org is Vince  McMahon. The WWE youtube channel was started on may 10 2007. 

WWE is the Seventh Most subscribe Youtube Channel. According To the youtube this is the second most subscribed Youtube Channel. This youtube channel complaeted its 10million milestone on feb 29 2016. 

Channel Name-WWE
Total Views-29,794,732,675
Total Videos-39K

6. SET India-

SET is the Sony Entertainment Television. This Is television Company. This comapny was lauched on october 1995. This channel uploads many videos daily. SET INDIA is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in both subscribers and videoviews BASE. This channel is gaining over 1.5 million subscribers each  month. Also 1 billion tOTAL VIDEOS Views per month. Now, the SET India YouTube channel has about 40 million subscribers. This is the 6th most subscribed and the 3rd most viewed YouTube Channel On the platform of youtube. 

channel name - SET INDIA
Total Views-28,345,293,253(right now)
Total videos- 28K

5. JusteinBeibe:

At the third position Of Most Subscribed Youtube Channel list is JusteinBeiber. justin Beiber is Canadian singer, actor, and songwriter. He was born on 1 March 1994. Justin Bieber started his channel on january 2007. His channel is about official music videos, live performances, and interviews. Justein beiber channe ls fifth most subscribed yt Channel.  His channel surpass the 5 millions subscribers on  June 19 ,2013. According To The yotube this is the 9th Most viewed youtube channel. 

Justin Beiber began her singing career in 2007. JusteinBeiberVevo is the fifth most subscribed channel on the platform of youtube. At the age of 11 he has four videos that have been viewed billion of times. justin Beiber is the 10nthh most followed user on Instagram. His most popular song is SORRY having 3B Views on youtube.

Channel Name - JusteinBeiber
Subscribers Count -43m
Total Video-243
Total views-19,004,974,310

4. Canal Konzilla- 

AT the fourth position of most subscribed Youtube channel list is CANAL KINZILLA. The owner of t his channel is Konrad Cunha Duntas. Konrad Cunha Duntas Was born on 13 September 1988. Online he is known as  Canal Konzilla. Konzilla is music video director, producer and screen writer. He Is from brazil. He has gained about 46M subscribers on his youtube channel. According to the youtube this is the sixth most subscribed youtube channel. He Is very famous producer and write. 

This Youtube Channel is most growing youtube channel in casr of video views. His channel CANAL KONZILLA gains 1.3 Millions subscribers every month. He has directed over 700 music videos in his life journey. He study his cinmatogaphy , post production and photography in sao paulo. He started his career in 2011. 

Channel Name-Canal Konzilla
Total Videos On Channel-962(right Now )
Subscribers-46 Million(right Now )
Total views-22,794,221,409(right Now )

3. 5 Minute Crafts- 

At The third postion of most subscribed youtube channel is 5 Minutes Crafts. This Youtube channel is maintained by the Soul Publishing Company. 5 minutes craft currently the third most subscribed Youtube channel on the platform of youtube. This channel is gaining near about 3.1 Million subscribers each month. and near about 1 lakh subscribers each day. It is the 43rd most viewed youtubechannel.  this channels has uploaded 2677 (right now)videos. 

This channel has complete 1m Subscribers on March 4 2017. and Gained 10M Subscribers on 21 December 2017. It is the 3rd Most subscribed Youtube Channel. The channel is likewise famous for its Click Bait, where they would show an image in the thumbnail with respect to a specific "life hack" however not a single where to be seen on the video itself.

channel name - 5minutes Craft
Total Views On channel- 11,964,796,743 views(Right Now )
Total Subscribers -48M (rIGHT nOW )
Videos- This channels contains 2677 Videos 

2. T-Series: 

Guys At the second position of most subscribed youtube channel is T series. T series is the 2nd most popular and most subscribed youtube channel. After Pewdiepie this is the most subscribe youtuibe channel. T-Series is an Indian music company and also the largest music label company.T-Series channel was created on 13 March 2006. The head Office of this company is situated In Delhi

T-Series Company is associated with the music industry from last three decades. This is the 2nd Most Subscribed Youtube Channel After Pewdiepie. T-series channel is best known for Bollywood and pollywood music soundtracks. Monthly views of T series channel is around 4 billion.

Channel Name - T-Series
Subscribers Count -83M( Right Now )
Total Videos -13080(right Now)
Total Views -60,603,720,915 (Right Now)

1. Pewdiepie:

In the List of top 10 most subscribed Youtube Channels the First position is of Pewdiepie. T series is very close pewdie pie. the subscriber count diffrence of pewdiepie nad t series is near about on lakh. (top 10 youtube channels) He begins  his yotube journey since 29 April 2010. His actual name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. In Online world he is known as Pewdiepie. He is Swedish Youtube personality. 

His channel is best known for Let's play videos, MEMES REACTIONS and blogs. Pewdiepie is the first most subscribed youtube channel on the platform of youtube.  He has been known for his meme reactions, commentaries and vlogs. After dropping out  his college he focussed on creating  videos  For his youtube channel. Pewdiepie surpassed 1 million subscribers in just 2 years . He is Swedish Youtuber. 

Channel Name - Pewdiepie
Subscribers Count - 83M(right now)
Total Videos -3736(right now)
Total Views -20,272,775,800(right now)

So, guys, these are the most subscribed youtube channels of 2019. I hope you like this article . thanks for visiting our website
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