10 Best Blog Niche List for More Traffic And Money in 2019

10 Best Blog Niche List for More Traffic And Money in 2019

Hey Friends how are you today ? Guys in this article i will tell you the best blog niche list to drive more and more traffic and to generate money. Picking the best blog niche has dependably been more important because blogging has turned out to be more progressively well known  in last several years. 

 Best Blog Niche List for More Traffic
 Best Blog Niche List for More Traffic 
While a few people blog for a side interest, others blog professionally for long time. To Do blog professionally for long time you must develop a audience with the goal that you have predictable traffic for your blog. We have listed best niches for long term blog as follow. So Stick with this article and enjoy. Hope You like This article.

What Is Niche ?

Guys Niche is a category or some people know it as the topic or industry in which you are producing content. Like I Blog about Blogging, SEO and Digital Marketing. If You love to write about the tech or fashion You can do blog on it. According To This Your niche will be tech or fashion.
In the blogging industry the biggest mistake happen by people is that they start blogging by watching other person who is really popular i his niche or category. Friends this ideas will never works for you else you are really passionate and hardworking about the same Niche. 
Best Blog Niche List-

1.Weight Loss Niche

Guys At the first I recommend you to start a blog on weight loss. The weight loss specialty is very prominent and gainful blog specialty since people everywhere throughout the world are constantly anxious to get in shape means that to loss weight. people are searching for formula's on google, tips and traps on the most proficient method to loss weight. 

If you are interested And passionate in the weight loss niche, you could write the articles about various methods to lose weight, different diets for weight loss, healthy recipes for weight loss and of course, if you have lost weight or are trying to lose weight, you can always share your story  with your readers or visitors.

People are always searching for information on how to lose weight, how to lose weight very fast n so on. So this niche can bring you TRAFFIC money if done IN the right way. According to ShoutMeLoud, weight loss-related keywords are in the top 10 highest-paid keywords, and the AdSense cost per click (CPC) is more than $4. So In this niche you can make much more. 

Political News-

Guys at the second position i have a niche named political news. This is the best industry if you love and have interest in politics, As we all know how this industry operates. How politicians fight WITH each other, you can gain much profits, as people are searching about latest trends and news about what’s going on inn this country. This is also a very profitable niche Because In this niche millions of traffic is coming on news website. You could make much as you can.

MY friend if you have interest & likes to chat more about political issues then no one can stop you from attaining success, Just follow your passion . it will pay you. more you do more you earn. In some tips i want to tell you that try to make that news more appealing and creative, always remember, the more creative you will, the more traffic you get.

In this category, I recommend you to use Google AdSense or media.net. In this niche traffic fluctuates as per hour’s demand. And, you will not be able to convert your traffic into your customers and the earning also fluctuate.  

Health Niche- 

Health  Niche becoming more popular and crowded day by day , As we know that as the population is increasing every single minute, more and more people are getting sick and becoming patient. This Niche Is effective for making money. In this niche the cpc(COST PER CLICK ) is very high. 

I recommend you to start a blog on this niche.  Guys i want to noticed you that If you are going to start a Health blog then keep in mind, Google is very strict about the knowledge you are sharing with your visitors or audience on a Health Niche Blog. You have to be  clear  and authentic on your solutions and  recommendations.

 If You do it wrong google can penalize you site. Guys Nowadays many Health Blogs are misleading people online and trying to sell through their blogs using affiliate products However, you should not do the same Always Provide right information, knowledge which solve  their query for what about they are searching.


At The Fourth position i want To recommend you make a blog on technology. This Niche is very effective and efficient. As we Know technology changing the global market at higher rate. This niche can provide what most people go towards and what they are looking for in the technology wold. This technology niche shows the companies that have specialization in manufacturing the gadgets.
Guys In this niche you can provide useful information about latest gadgets and latest tech tips. This niche can Be really helpful for those people who really Have interest in technology and want to know about the latest innovations in the  technology.
Giving the useful and correct information regarding gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets iPhone, android, etc can help us in generating much cash using this niche. I highly recommend you to Create a blog on this Category. 

Life Style-

Lifestyle niche is also a good option for long term blog. A lifestyle blog is a blog which contains different topics. These blogs usually target one type of demographic – college kids, new moms,  pet lovers. Some blogger think you can’t generate an income with a multi-topic blog. But Its not true. Many blogger do multi-topic blogging and earned huge money in this industry.
 This niche is also a very effective and efficient Niche. So you could write articles on it. The reason behind that rumor is that a niche blog with one core theme speaks to one type of audience or visitors. If you can speak ONLY to them, you can help them with their predicaments But, you can make money with a lifestyle topic!
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